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Using the Light Board for Teaching and Learning

The benefits of producing a light board video for teaching and learning are varied. Most instructors immediately appreciate the face-to-face, direct address capability (ie) instructors look through the glass, into the camera, connecting with their audience. Instructors no longer turn

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Faculty Development Resource Initiative

Working with Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost Office, the CTE team revamped the online, faculty develop resources. The new digital resource offers guidance and mentorship for all faculty who are in different stages of their research, teaching,

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Creating and Implementing Course Videos

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I created an eight week faculty learning community this Spring titled Creating and Implementing Course Videos. Participants were introduced to different strategies for using and implementing video into their teaching. Instructional design components were developed addressing how using video could

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OU IRB Video Series

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Dr. Jim Martin with The University of Oklahoma’s Department of Educational Psychology enrolled in a Faculty Learning Community with OU’s Center for Teaching Excellence. This FLC, “Creating and Implementing Course Videos” helps faculty create and implement video for instruction and

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Genocides in Modern History

I’m always pleasantly surprised with the vicarious knowledge I receive from working on media projects, especially within academic settings. Video production and teaching has literally taken me around the world and has opened my eyes to new knowledge, skill sets

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Annotating Screencast Lectures

Many options exist for faculty who would like to produce annotated screen recordings, targeting teaching and learning or research.This entry will help faculty at The University of Oklahoma realize the different options for creating annotated screencasts.’s Capture Space The

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