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Faculty Mentoring

Faculty members are at the heart of a great research university. OU is committed to recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty and helping each one of our great faculty members achieve their professional dreams. – Kyle Harper, Senior Vice President &

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Student Engagement and Video Length

The process of engaging learners in higher education using video in traditional lecture, hybrid, blended, or fully online scenarios benefits greatly from good planning and sound implementation. Without forethought and good instructional design, video, as an instructional medium can be

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Captioning for ADA Compliance

As I teach faculty to create and use video in their teaching I typically introduce the three phases of video production: pre production, production and post-production. These three phases break video production into manageable segments, helping create budgets, scripts, delegate

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Dressing for the Camera

As higher education institutions move toward the implementation of video for full scale flipping or only as supplements to instruction, faculty are quickly being placed in front of the camera. Becoming comfortable with your camera avatar, being yourself, moving away

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Performance Tips when Lecturing to the Camera

faculty in studio

Stand still. Most of us, when standing normally, see the same thing when we look down at our feet. A V-shape, with each foot pointing a bit outward and our heels closer together. This stance can lead to swaying –

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Intro to Media Writing – A “Flipped” Model

No matter what career discipline students are pursuing, effective writing is paramount for success. Introduction to Media Writing is a required course for all students in the Gaylord College for Journalism and Mass Communication. Melanie Wilderman, Fred Beard, Scott Hodgson.

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