Using the Light Board for Teaching and Learning

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The benefits of producing a light board video for teaching and learning are varied. Most instructors immediately appreciate the face-to-face, direct address capability (ie) instructors look through the glass, into the camera, connecting with their audience. Instructors no longer turn their back to students when writing on the board; eye contact with the camera and the viewing audience is beneficial for engagement.

Using the light board also allows students to immediately see written content. If you write on a board when teaching, you are using your hands (and voice) to communicate. You point to terms in equations and illustrate movement, or functions – you will talk with your hands. It is natural for humans to “follow the hands”.

Pedagogically, light board videos are beneficial in the following ways:
– Offers learners access to learning anywhere at anytime
– Offers learners the option to pause, rewind, fast forward
– Video content can be shared across multiple sections with different cohorts
– Videos can be implemented in traditional, hybridized or flipped classrooms
– Videos can be implemented, aiding the active learning classroom
– Videos can offer quick, self assessment opportunities

Best Practices (click here for more)
– Keep module short, 5 minutes! Doubt it? See How Video Production Affects Student Engagement
– Plan your talk, know where you’ll be drawing on the light board. If you need to erase (much) or
add another board, it’s probably too long.
– If you make a mistake, pause, then just do another take. We’ll edit, removing any mistakes.
– If people are going to watch several videos, they don’t want an intro on each one.
– We can add text, superimpose images, diagrams, and charts, but this needs to be planned.
– Dark clothing enables readable text – please, no text on clothing.
– Expectations for videos are higher than for classroom lectures, but you needn’t strive for
perfection. Good enough is good enough.

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